Hencroft grew out a desire to build something beautiful and long-lasting: we were searching for a leather jacket that would look as classy in the office as it would in a bar— and we couldn’t afford the version we found.

What started out as a collective of roommates and artisans selling to friends and family is now a modest business dedicated to quality leathers and craft production.

Our Namesake

Our name comes from the Hencroft Works of Staffordshire, England. Founded in 1872, the Works became famous for using natural dyes in its products instead of the typical coal-based pigments. Perfected only after 3 years of trial and error, these organic dyes faded slowly and evenly, giving the products a natural and historic feel as they aged— while rival products simply looked cheap and worn out.

Known for their design and durability, Hencroft products decorated homes as far away as Australia and as famous as St James Palace.

Our Story

Our Hencroft story also begins with a long struggle to make a well-made product. Inspired by the Works’ commitment to craftsmanship, we decided on a similar path— spending two years in trial and error to develop our own custom-tanned leathers and to manufacture without an assembly line.

As a result, we only use techniques, materials, and designs that will lead to clothing of lasting quality and of timeless good taste. As one master at the Works put it, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

Just as the Works’ transformed everyday fabrics and wallpapers into prized heirlooms, we at Hencroft honor our namesake by following the same principles of thoughtful design and careful workmanship.